We, The Jury

TBC: September 2019


The story of a brutal and long-standing domestic assault is told through the eyes of a criminal trial. As the mother of the accused, Erica relives the repeated violence endured at the hands of her son, pleading the jury to help her escape his wrath. Utilising a frame-story technique, this tale will be told in an allegorical style that reflects humanity's treatment of our Earth and employs us to take action against the greatest threat to our civilisation; climate change.

Our fragile planet has endured centuries of meaningless torture at the greedy hands of humankind. As the last generation that are able to do anything about it, today’s young people must stand up in opposition of the ravenous corporations that block our path to a clean future, and defend our one and only Mother Nature.

This film will allow the audience to see the issue of climate change in a new light. Too often, the issue is depicted in various channels of media as being insufferably scientific and far beyond our personal control, despite the fact that the solution to the problem relies on the actions of every single individual. Nevertheless, people invariably lose interest in preventing global warming and other forms of pollution/environmental damage, and the deterioration of our home on planet Earth continues. By portraying the story in a more relatable and empathetic form (through that of a fellow human being rather than statistics and graphs that are often meaningless to the everyday person) we hope that we can empower the individuals that make up our society to take action, no matter how small, to stand in opposition of the destruction of our environment and the homes of the many creatures we share it with.


We are looking for a number of actors to fill various roles in the film. Please review the casting call (see below) and submit your headshot and resume to me@haydenflynn.com.au for our consideration.


There are numerous roles that are yet to be filled on our team. If you are considering joining the crew in any of the following roles, please send an email expressing your interest to me@haydenflynn.com.au that outlines which position you are applying for accompanied with any credits/prior experience in related fields. Compensation is negotiable.

  • Gaffer

  • Location Sound Director

  • Production Designer

  • Makeup Artist

  • Hair Stylist

  • Costume Designer