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Working Poster

Working Poster

Project Details

Project Title: We, The Jury
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent  / Student
Project length: Short Film (8-10 minutes)
Project format: 21:9 HD
Posted on: Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
Production location: Melbourne, Victoria
Director & Producer: Hayden Flynn
Casting Director: Hayden Flynn
Shooting Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Key Dates

Application Submissions End: March 1, 2019
Screen Test Submissions End: March 14, 2019
Table Read: TBC
Shooting Starts: July 1, 2019 (TBC)
Shooting Ends: July 5, 2019 (TBC)


The story of a brutal and long-standing domestic assault is told through the eyes of a criminal trial. As the mother of the accused, Erica relives the repeated violence endured at the hands of her son, pleading the jury to help her escape his wrath. Utilising a frame-story technique, this tale will be told in an allegorical style that reflects humanity's treatment of our Earth and employs us to take action against the greatest threat to our civilisation; climate change.

Character Bios:

Erica Clarke

  • Females aged 55 - 65 (actress will be required to portray a wide age range - adaptable appearance is preferred)

  • Compensation: $180 per day

Erica serves as the centrepiece of the tale as the victim of the assault upon which the film is based. Her story is told through her narration on the witness stand and through the flashbacks she experiences throughout. Erica is depicted as embattled and distraught while remaining strong at heart and gentle in demeanour. The audience is taken on the journey through her internal conflict between her selfless love for her son and her yearning for safety and security - freedom from the captivity of her own home. She stands to represent Mother Nature; Erica being derived from Erda (the Anglo Saxon word for Earth) and Clarke meaning ‘fierce ruler’ while also referring to ‘clerks’; those whom record history.

NOTE: Partial nudity required in one short scene - further information available upon enquiry

Leo Clarke

  • Males aged 18 - 28 (actor will be required to portray a wide age range - adaptable appearance is preferred)

  • $100 per day

Leo serves as the accused in the criminal trial that the film is set in. Although he remains silent during the trial itself, his role exists in his mother's flashbacks to the longstanding domestic abuse he subjected her to. Such proceedings follow the historical deterioration in the quality of mankind's treatment towards Planet Earth, placing Leo in the representative role of humanity.

Prosecutor & Defence Attorney

  • PROSECUTOR: Females aged 30 - 45

  • DEFENCE ATTORNEY: Males aged 45 - 65

The roles of the Prosecutor and the Defence Attorney will form the foundation for the frame-story by way of their questioning and cross-examination of Erica. The prosecutor, while remaining firm and assertive, is portrayed as kind in nature and demeanour which is reflected in the tone of her questioning. The defence attorney, on the other hand, is characterised as seemingly cruel-hearted; determined to defame Erica's testimony with harsh bearing.

Extras & Other Small Speaking Roles

Extras are required across a diverse variety of age groups, genders, ethnicities and other physical attributes. Small speaking roles to be fulfilled include:

  • Judge

  • Jury Foreperson

  • Court Bailiff

  • Court Registrar

  • Leo's Best Friend

  • Leo's Wealthy Friend

Non-speaking roles to be fulfilled include:

  • Jurors (x11)

  • Public Gallery Members (x20)

  • Party Attendees/Abusers (x30)

  • Judge's Deputy

  • Court Reporter

  • Prosecutor's Assistant

  • Defence Attorney's Assistant

All aforementioned roles will be compensated with accreditation in the final picture.


Please submit headshot and resume to by March 1st, 2019. All applications must include intended role/s.

Successful applicants will be invited to submit a screen-test using an excerpt from the script, from which the final cast will be determined.